Beautiful Barbados

Dear Readers:

Despite the challenges it faces, Barbados is a very beautiful country. We sometimes take this for granted, but other nations recognise our value and view us as a model for national development. This was particularly evident from comments made by some international delegates of the recently concluded international conference against racism. But how did we get to this level of national development and what can we do to sustain it for future generations?

Upon consideration of these questions, we can conclude that we are currently reaping what our foreparents have sown. They, inter alia, prayed for us, modelled responsible behaviour for us to follow, passed on good guiding values, disciplined us, and invested in our education. Many of our foreparents may not have lived to see the ripe fruits of their labour, however they invested in the hope that their seed would produce fruit, and so it has. We are indebted to them.

It is our responsibility to sow good seed in our generation so that future generations can reap similar or even greater benefits. One of the good seeds is to pass on to our children the value of this responsibility of sowing or investing in the future of generations of Barbadians yet unborn. It is therefore highly irresponsible for individuals not to sow at all, or to only sow selfishly. So while we enjoy the benefits of our foreparents’ investments, what are we sowing for our children and grandchildren to reap?

Most people in Barbados still believe in God, and there are many Barbadians who are committed to cultivating a relationship with Him. There should therefore be enough Barbadians who will continue to petition God to bless this nation, including its government, public and private sector services, and people. We are indebted to such people, especially to many of our senior citizens who have developed a long personal relationship with God and continue to ask for His favour on our country.

There are also many Barbadian parents who are willing to invest the time required in training their children, and who make the effort to be models of responsible behaviour and good values to all children. There are also many Barbadian churches and service organisations who are motivated by love for and selflessness support of the less fortunate citizens of our country.

Unfortunately, while good seeds are being sown, so are bad seeds. There are influential but misguided persons who are sowing seeds of: sexually immoral behaviour under the guise of entertainment, rude and rebellious behaviour under the guise of representation, and racial hatred under the guise of education. We should be aware that our children will inevitably reap the consequential bitter fruits.

However, there is an evil that we are allowing to flourish that I fear will overshadow the benefits of our foreparents’ investments. It is an issue that is being vigorously promoted around the world and has taken root in Barbados. In the United States of America, this issue has become skilfully politicised to aid the popularity of some politicians and the financial gain of some doctors. What seems to be generally ignored is the lifelong trauma to mothers, who made a terrible choice at a very vulnerable time in their lives, and the silencing of their children.

We in Barbados boast that our greatest resource is our people. However, as a democratic country, we have allowed persons to enter the sanctity and safety of the womb, and without fear, mercilessly slaughter the most innocent and beautiful creation imaginable – a baby. If the estimate of 1,000 abortions in Barbados each year is accurate, then to our national shame, we have sanctioned the slaughter of over 25,000 Barbadian children, without any sign of abating.

May God have mercy on us all.

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