Final Words

(Originally written Wednesday 12th March 2003) 

Dear Readers:

Last week a beloved family friend named Ilene Foster completed her terrestrial training and is now awaiting her celestial responsibilities in the Company. We who are still in training can benefit from persons who were near the end of their training, and who wrote to encourage us from that perspective. One such person is Simon Peter, and the following is a paraphrase of his final letter found in the Bible. It was written shortly before he was executed.

My dear fellow trainees:
Our Employer has graciously given us everything that we need to complete our training, and He has promised us that all of the training exercises are achievable once we start with the right attitude. If you are committed to becoming productive employees, then please read the employee manual so that you may understand the Employer’s standards of work and behaviour. With this knowledge you can then begin practising the exercises. You may find them challenging at first, but please do not become discouraged. They will eventually become easier if you persist with them.

Once you have become proficient in the exercises, then please encourage your work colleagues and teach them everything that you have learnt. Your own training will be complete when you have unselfishly helped to train enough of your colleagues. Please try to encourage those who find the exercises challenging, especially if they seem discouraged. If they give up, they may never develop the confidence that comes with completing an exercise, and will probably develop a fear of failure or a crippling belief that such exercises are unachievable.

I have completed my training and will shortly be leaving this department, however before I go, allow me to give you some important advice. I hope that after I am gone, you will reread this letter to remind and encourage you during your own period of training.

Firstly. Please understand that the Company is not a myth or a cunningly devised fable. I personally know the Chief Executive Officer, and I heard when the Employer confirmed his appointment. The Employer Himself actually dictated the employee manual for your benefit.

Secondly. Please be aware that some members of your class may not appreciate the purposes of the training exercises, or they will think that the exercises are too challenging, irrelevant, or unachievable. They will then try to promote their own low standards of productivity. Unfortunately, this will only ensure that they and those who they mislead are unprepared for the work of the Company, and they will find themselves unemployable after their time of training has expired.

If those promoting low standards are able to influence most of the class in unproductive behaviour, then the Employer may have to take drastic measures. He has had to do this at least three times in the past. The first time was when a vice-president and some associates attempted to take-over the Company and they were fired. The second was when the entire student body rejected the training and the Employer had to wash down the facility. The third was when a class engaged in abominable behaviour and the Employer had to apply a hot treatment. However, if you remain faithful to your training, despite the unproductive influences around you, then you will be retained.

Those who try to frustrate your training are ignorant, presumptuous and self-willed. Most of them only attend the training classes to impress and seduce those of the opposite sex with smooth words. They continually try to entice others away from their training and promise them a fun time, while they are actually addicted to corrupt behaviour that prevents them from attaining any reasonable level of productivity. Both the enticer and the enticed will become unemployable, just like those who refuse to start training and instead waste all of their precious time on the playground. If a person starts training and then becomes addicted to corrupt practises, then it is better if they had not commenced training at all.

Thirdly. Please remember that the Employer’s expansion project will commence. However, He is waiting patiently, and He will suffer and be inconvenienced for as long as practically possible. You see, He has no desire that those who are not training properly, or those who are not training at all should be destined for unemployment. He is desperately hoping that those in the playground, and those playing the fool in the classroom will commence and complete their training respectively.

Since the expansion project will start, please prepare yourself for the wonderful responsibilities that you will receive upon completion of your training, and do not be distracted by those who have no interest in your future. Above all, grow in the favour and knowledge of our Chief Executive Officer, Jesus Christ.

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