Manage what you Understand

Congratulations to the Democratic Labour Party (DLP) for securing the government.  Barbados has an unprecedented opportunity.  For the first time in our history, we have an Engineer elected to serve in Parliament on the government’s side.  Actually there are two Engineers and I am elated to the point of jubilation.

I believe that it is about time in Barbados’ development that Ministers of Government have some working knowledge of the Ministries that they are given to manage.  If persons are asked to manage what they do not understand, then they risk causing severe damage if they change policy.  These managers therefore tend to simply do nothing and allow things to continue as they were – only intervening when things are clearly out of control.  I am therefore hoping for the following political appointments.

Prime Minister – David Thompson

Attorney General – Fruendal Stuart (Lawyer)

Minister of Health – Esther Byer Suckoo (Doctor)

Minister of Public Works – Richard Sealy (Civil Engineer)

Minister of Energy – John Boyce (Mechanical Engineer)

Minister of Education – Patrick Todd (Mathematics Teacher)

Minister of Agriculture – James Paul (Agriculturist)

Minister of Sport – Ronald Jones (Educator)

Minister of Culture – Colin Spencer (Entertainer)

Minister of Economic Development – David Estwick (Doctor)

Minister of International Business – Donville Inniss (Businessman)

Minister of Housing and Lands – Michael Lashley (Lawyer)

Minister of Foreign Affairs – Denis Lowe (Clinical Psychologist)

Minister of Trade – Chris Sinckler (Trade Specialist)

Minister of Consumer Affairs – Haynesley Benn (Manager)

Minister of Tourism – Austin Husbands (Businessman)

Minister of Social Transformation – Irene Sandiford Garner (Journalist)

Of course the DLP is under no obligation to consider my selections; however, I do hope that they will accept the principle of “managing what you understand”.



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