Obama-mania in Barbados

Early in the campaign, I reviewed Barack Obama’s stated positions on various issues on his web site (www.barackobama.com), and I found it difficult to contain my excitement on realizing that I shared his views on most issues.  In fact, I was ready to take a vacation, travel to the US, and be deployed wherever he felt that I was most needed.  “Obama-mania” was real, and I felt a part of it.

 What attracted me most to his campaign was his willingness to listen to alternative opinions and be convinced otherwise through compelling evidence.  What a leader.  Stubbornness is normally a leader’s downfall, and it was exciting to witness the evolution of this new type of leader.

 His desire for Government supported healthcare and other social services for all US citizens, which we already enjoy in Barbados, was admirable.  It does not preclude private health care for those who can afford it; however, like him, I believe that the Government should look after those in need.

 As the President of the United States of America, he could advocate his social agenda around the world.  He is clearly inspirational, and I have no doubt that he would be influential.  I believe that he could change the way that healthcare, education, environmental stewardship, border conflicts, and other worldwide concerns are addressed.  He has explained that there are no issues or options that are off of the table – except one.

 Obama supports abortion.  I was able to convince myself that perhaps that was a small price to pay for having Obama as President.  Then I learnt that Obama supports no limits on abortion, even supporting abortion while the mother is in labour.

 Why did I not know of this before?  Then I realised that I had heard of it, but I was so caught up in Obama-mania that I did not consider it important enough.  When criticised by the National Organisation for Women and Hilary Clinton for his voting record on abortion legislation, Obama and Planned Parenthood admitted that they had agreed to deceive voters by having Obama vote “present”, rather than let his true opinion be known at the time.

 Then I learnt that he supports Partial Birth Abortion, even after the Supreme Court banned this abortion procedure.  It consists of allowing the baby to be partially born, and then crushing the baby’s head as he exits the womb and takes his first look at the world.

 As if that were not bad enough, I then learnt that he opposes the Born Alive Infant Protection Act.  He opposed legislation would have given assistance to babies who managed to survive the horrifying abortion procedures.  This Act had been passed unanimously in the US Senate (98 to 0).  Even Senator Clinton and other abortion supporters realised that denying assistance to the survivor was infanticide.  Even abortion organisations like NARAL, who fight for the partial birth abortion procedure to be recognised as a right for women, agreed to support babies who survived an abortion.  But not Obama.  For him, the issue was off of the table, and not subject to discussion.

 I wrote to Obama, and posted my letter on his website.  I wanted to know what was compelling him to believe that there can be no compromising on this issue with him.  I wanted to know what was possessing him to support measures that are so far beyond what even the abortion lobbyists want.  I checked recently and found that my post is still on his website. However, none of his staff or supporters had replied to it.

 I am now greatly disillusioned.  What other issues that have not become campaign issues are also under the table.  The lid is being dislodged, and I am getting a peek at the monster inside … and I do not like it.

4 responses to “Obama-mania in Barbados

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  2. In this world of extremes, we can only love too little. Rich Cannarella

    Hi North Korea:

    In this world of extremes, our desire should be to know the truth. If the truth is found in the extremes, then so be it.


  3. Is Obama a true Christian or a Muslim?
    Does he really believe in the teachings of Jesus Christ? Can Obama pass the Jesus Test?

    Hi Injun:

    Obama has stated that he is a Christian and I have no reason not to believe him. However, Christians can disagree with eachother’s views on specific issues. No test required.


  4. Until a man can become pregnant he has No right to any opinion as to what a woman does with her body.

    Hi Anonymous:

    Perhaps you can make that argument while the mother is carrying the baby; but can you justify that position for denying assistance for those babies who have survived the abortion?

    The principal points of my article can be summarized thus.
    1. I want to support Obama.
    2. I find some of his positions on some issues utterly reprehensible.
    3. Obama has stated that there is no discussion on these reprehensible positions.
    4. How much of Obama’s positions that I may find so reprehensible must I force myself to accept, simply to support him?

    Obama’s stance on abortion is way too offensive to me. I have to be true to myself and withdraw my support for him.


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