Highly Recommended

Approximately five years ago I purchased a new car.  It drove perfectly until I took it in to the dealer for the first service.  After every successive service it performed worse than before until it became unsafe to drive.

After each service, a lady would call me to survey the service quality.  Each time I would explain that the front staff with whom I interacted were excellent.  They were polite, kept me informed, allowed me to read their newspaper while I waited, etc.  However, the technical service was terrible – they appeared unable to properly service the car.

I was paying for the technical service – the customer interaction was an overhead charge.  However, I would rather an unruly and unkempt but technically proficient auto mechanic than a polite, tidy, but incompetent one.

I explained to the surveyor that the car would be changed in 5 years, and that the quality of after sales service would determine whether I selected them in the future.  However, the technical service continued to decline – as if that were at all possible.

This year is year five, and the dealer in question was not even considered, even though they were the agents for the car that I was interested in.  It seems that the National Initiative for Service Excellence (NISE) appears to be concentrating too much on improving the customer interface service, but not on the product’s technical standards.  The value of the dealership’s customer interface service to me is zero, if I am driving away from the dealership with the car performing worse than when I drove it in.

Since the year has almost ended, I have decided to identify those businesses, with whom I have patronized this past year, that have given me high standards of technical and customer interface service.  This is obviously a subjective exercise, but I am defining high service as not only getting value for my time and money, but the feeling of being impressed long after I have departed the establishment.


Fortress Fund Managers Ltd.

They appeared happy to efficiently receive my money, and even happier to efficiently return it.  Well done! 

Photo Finish, Worthing.

Send them digital pictures on-line and receive prints promptly.  Very efficient, economical, and done with a smile.  Well done!  


Courts, renovated store in Mall International.

A pleasant shopping experience.  However, they either need to either remove the storage boxes in the back where the cashier is located, or relocate the cashier to another area of the store. 

Carters General Store, Wildey.

Helpful and friendly staff, and the Carters card brings useful benefits.  Sometimes the wait by the cashier is long – which is understandable if all of the cashier spots are in use … 

Corporate Affairs and Intellectual Property Office.

All of the necessary forms and regulations are on-line, helpful staff, significant improvement. 

Boucan Restaurant, Savannah.

Friendly staff, diverse selection of tasty food.



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