Public Presentation of Brothers Kept Apart

9781440116100_cvrDear Readers:

You are invited to a free public presentation of the concepts contained in Brothers Kept Apart.

The Book assumed that both the Bible and the Qurán were authentic, and then found harmony between their principal teachings without compromising the teachings, or damaging the integrity of any verse in the Bible or the Qurán.

The presentation is scheduled to be held on Thursday 18th June 2009 at the Grande Salle (Central Bank) starting at 6:00 pm.

Given the limited seating, you are encouraged to reserve your seat by e-mailing, or text or call 232-9783.  Please note that seats will be reserved until 5:50 pm.



2 responses to “Public Presentation of Brothers Kept Apart


    Contrary to popular contemporary belief in some quarters, all religions don’t lead to Heaven. Jesus Himself said the road to paradise is narrow. He said in John 14:6, “I am the way, the truth and the life; no one comes to the Father except by me.” Christianity then, by definition,is the most narrow-minded of all the faiths. See also Matthew 7:13 among other related verses in the Holy Bible.

    Christians are called to proclaim the inerrant truths of Scripture and allow the Holy Spirit to do His work. While we certainly respect another’s right to hold religious views contrary to those enumerated in the Holy Bible, this never implies acceptance of Islam,Buddhism or any other religion.

    Jesus said too that He came to divide families,not unite them. Either you are for Him or against Him. Simple. So Christians should have no dealings with Muslims or others on a spiritual level unless of course inquiry is being made about the teachings contained in the Holy Bible. Christians should always be cordial and respectful while interacting with anyone,speaking the truth in love. However,I want no part of any religion which seeks to propagate falsehoods.

    It appears as though my fellow Combermere alumnus Mr.Phillips,wants to have it both ways in his book. This approach never works because truth,according to GOD’s Word, could never co-exist with error. As such, Christians will never unite with Muslims or any other religion along spiritual lines. The so-called inter-faith groups which exist around the world, will never find genuine and long-lasting unity. GOD will oppose it as He did at the Tower of Babel.

    Jesus Himself is the great Unifier,the Prince of Peace among other things. As such, only He is able to unite mankind as well as reconcile redeemed people to His Father. Thus, the only person appointed by GOD Himself to solve ALL conflicts and end all wars is Jesus, the Christ.

  2. Dear Randy:

    Jesus’ words are the highest standard of Truth for Christians. Therefore, every teaching that is in harmony with Jesus’ words must also be true, and every teaching that conflicts with Jesus’ words must be judged to be false. Please provide the teachings in the Qur’an which conflict with Jesus’ words.


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