What Do You Have In Your House?

What do you have in your houseWhile I do not normally endorse products or service on this web-site, given the current economic climate, I feel compelled to highly recommend a little booklet that I read in less than one hour.  It is a well-written, clear and concise guide on how to develop and implement a workable plan to get out of debt.  It is titled “What do you have in your house?” and it is written by Barbadian author and chartered accountant, Donna Every.

 It is written for anyone with the desire to get out of debt, but who lacks the guidance and/or encouragement to do so. The book is not padded with extraneous information, but it is packed with wise advice and inspirational true stories that can give the reader the suggestions, tools, and hope that is necessary to start.

 If you are struggling to repay a mortgage, or wish to get out of debt, then I strongly recommend that you read this book.  If your lack of finances is creating problems in your relationship with your spouse, then this book can become the catalyst for a new beginning where you can work together towards a common financial goal.

 For the record, I have no financial interest in this book whatsoever, but I highly recommend it because it has the potential to literally change your life.  It is available from Donna Every’s web-site:  http://www.donnaevery.com/services.html



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