Funding Social Services

The manner in which successive  administrations have promoted our provision of education, health-care, and other social services, has had unintended consequences.  The Government offers various social services free to the public, without properly informing the recipients that these services are primarily funded by taxing personal and business income.

During times of economic recession, responsible Governments can either pay for the level of social services that tax-payers can afford to fund, or it can obtain the citizen’s approval to go into a short-term debt in order to maintain the same level of social services during the challenging economic period.  However, successive Governments have inexplicably forced us all into debt to pay for a level of social services that our taxes cannot sustain.  This reinforces the notion that services are funded by an entity called ‘the Government’ rather than by the sacrifices of the tax-paying public.

This approach to governing has misled the general public into believing that free social services is something to which they are entitled.  There are stages of consequences for misleading (even unintentionally) recipients of government services in such a manner.  The first stage is for the recipients of “free” social services to not appreciate their value, or the sacrifices of tax-payers who are burdened with funding these services.  The next stage is for recipients to become ungrateful dependent mendicants who complain if the level of funding for any social service is reduced.  The final stage is for the recipients to forcibly demand such services.

Let me disabuse every reader of this article of the notion that Government funds social services. They are funded by tax-payers, and for many, the yoke is not easy, neither is the burden light.



2 responses to “Funding Social Services

  1. Darwin Broomes-Hinds

    Good Morning fellow Combermerian,
    I enjoyed reading several you articles. thanks for sharing.

    Kind Regards


    Hi Darwin:

    Thank you for your comments.

    Ever true to God and right,

  2. Hey,

    That’s such a nice article, I have read your some articles posted on your blog, All articles are nice and very useful for me !

    As, I am student in School of Social Work this all are very useful for me for my final term exam, So I would like to say “Thanks for that !”

    Hi Jason:

    I am glad that I have been of some help.


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