The king is dead. Long live the subjects.

I must take time to acknowledge the passing of our Prime Minister, David Thompson, who died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 48.  His death has caused me to contemplate why.  Perhaps I will memorialize him in another article, because our lives followed similar and diverging paths.

I have deliberately waited until after his funeral to share what has been on my mind for the past month, for while I cannot help David, I may be able to help those of you who remain.  I shall try to approach the subject gingerly.

Saved from certain death

Food provides us with, inter alia, energy to work, nutrients and other components to keep us healthy, and pleasure.  The most beneficial parts of our food decomposes sometime after the food is harvested.  Whole foods are most beneficial to us when they are eaten fresh.

The modern food industry aims to extend the shelf-life of our food, and they do this by processing it – hence, the term ‘processed food’.  Food is generally processed by, inter alia, destroying the beneficial component that decomposes rapidly, and adding chemical preservatives and other unhealthy additives to the remainder.

If we could really see what we actually eat, perhaps, we would not consciously decide to harm our bodies.  Approximately one decade ago, I visited Dr Babb at the Sir Winston Scott Polyclinic to request a CAT scan, because I was experiencing pain in my skull.  She ordered a set of tests, and called me in for the results.  She essentially told me to change my eating habits or order a casket because I would likely be dead within one year.  She then directed me to the polyclinic’s nutritionist, Dr Mark Alleyne, and told me to get a massage.

I obeyed her completely; but I needed her blunt presentation of my options to force me to confront what I was habitually doing to my body.  Perhaps I can help you in a similar manner.

A recent review of the contents of the major supermarkets in Barbados tends to suggest that we actually eat a bowl of diabetes in the morning, a plate of cancer for lunch, and a dish of heart disease for dinner.  Statistics on diseases tend to suggest that the results of this diet are manifested in our bodies in approximately 40 years.  If you are mainly eating processed food, and you are over 40 years old, then you are living on borrowed time my friend.  Better put your house in order.

What should you do now?  I urge you to read ‘Principles of Healthy Diets’, which I have hyper linked for your convenience.  It should take you less than 10 minutes, and it may just save your life.

If you have the time, you can also read the evidence in Dr Price’s invaluable original research, which is recorded in his book ‘Nutrition and Physical Degeneration‘.  Both publications are free.  No more excuses.  Live long and prosper.



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