Dear Reader:

I have provided herewith the following index of all articles starting with the earlier published articles.  You can access them here or through the categories which are in (brackets).

Evolution in the Balance: I read Darwin’s “The Origin of Species by means of Natural Selection”.  It was quite enlightening. (Evolution)

Co-education in the Balance – Part 1: We are investigating whether there are intrinsic differences between males and females that are related to learning. (Education)

Co-educaton in the Balance – Part 2: We are examining the impacts of those differences on learning in a co-educational environment. (Education)

Love in the Balance: We are examining the stages of romantic relationships in order to define love. (Romantic Love)

Poverty in the Balance: With the international effort to eradicate poverty, we shall examine  how different cultures have historically managed their poor. (Poverty)

Culture in the Balance: The death of a well respected teacher and columnist provided the opportunity to investigate this concept of culture. (Combermere)

Teachers in the Balance: This article naturally flowed from the last. (Education, Family Life)

Life in the Balance: What are we really supposed to be doing while we are alive? An examination of animal and human behaviour. (Life, Evolution)

Preparing to Meet God: The horrific September 11 2001 terrorist attack on the WTC buildings provided some lessons for employees.  I first wrote this within one week of the event and it was the editorial in the October 2001 edition of “The Engineer”, a newsletter of the Barbados Association of Professional Engineers.  In that newsletter, we inter alia, identified the likely reasons for the collapse, which were confirmed later by the Institution of Structural Engineers’ publication “Safety in tall buildings and other buildings of large occupancy”, 2002 and by FEMA’s “World Trade Center Building Performance Study”. (Business)

Islam in the Balance – Part 1: I read the entire Koran three times in order to understand the conflict between Jews, Muslims and Christians.  Can Mohammed qualify as a prophet of God? (Islam, Israel, Christianity)

Islam in the Balance – Part 2: This second part attempts to investigate whether Mohammed’s apparent distrust of some Christians and Jews was justified. (Islam, Israel, Christianity)

Islam in the Balance – Part 3: This third part examines Mohammed’s concerns about worshipping Jesus. (Islam, Israel, Christianity)

Beautiful Barbados: The good, the bad, and the ugly. (Barbados)

Racism in the Balance: Where did it come from and how do we effectively address it. (Racism)

Suffering in the Balance: Why do bad things happen to us and why do we have to suffer? (Family Life, HIV/AIDS, Oppression)

Maturity in the Balance: Some seem to wait patiently for death, believing that their work on earth is done. Others wish for more time and fight death with all of the resources available to them. Why is this? Here we shall examine what we are supposed to be doing on this earth and how we are supposed to be doing it. (Family Life)

The After-Life: If we believe Jesus, then the after-life is certainly not spent behaving like heavenly tourists as we are normally taught.  What is supposed to happen after we die? (Christianity, After-Life)

The University of Life – Part 1: Management courses to prepare you for your responsibilities. (Christianity, After-Life)

The University of Life – Part 2: Additional courses for after-life employment. (Christianity, After-Life)

God and the Prime Minister: Can we prove that God exists? (Christianity)

Changing Domestic Policies: An examination of the intense lobbying for legalising homosexuality, prostitution, and marijuana in Barbados. (Politics, Education, Abortion)

Marijuana in the Balance: An investigation of the benefits of marijuana and how to control the negative effects. (Marijuana, Health)

Protecting the Broken Hearted: An examination of a perspective of the current lobby to legalize homosexuality in Barbados. (Homosexuality)

Happy Birthday Mum: A descriptive title. (Family Life)

HIV/AIDS Education in the Balance: An examination of the conflicting HIV/AIDS education campaigns in Barbados. (HIV/AIDS)

Encouraging our Students: How to respond to students who are not performing well. (Education)

Pan-Africanism in the Balance: An investigation of the roots and challenges of pan-africanism. (Pan-Africanism, Oppression, Poverty, Christianity)

Public Sector Reform: An examination of the effectiveness of Public Sector Reform in Barbados and how to improve it. (Politics, Business)

Lead in the Balance: Lead and learning in Barbados. (Environmental Health)

Understanding Religion: An examination of religion. (Islam, Christianity)

Daddy is Still a Giant: What else can I say – you decide! (Family Life)

Labour Relations in the Balance: We seem to have inherited an adversarial system of labour relations in Barbados. This system relies on each side pursuing their own interests, with a view that if each side pushes hard enough, then an acceptable equilibrium can be reached.  How can we improve this? (Politics, Business)

Experts in the Balance: One of our parliamentarians reportedly suggested that politicians could easily become specialists and experts within government ministries to which they were assigned. Similar sentiments were echoed by other parliamentarians, and then by a Minister of government. Today we shall place this concept in the balance. (Politics)

Final Words: This is deep but quite revealing.  It is a paraphrase of Peter’s final letter just before he was executed. (After-Life)

Iraq in the Balance: The UN resolution 1441 was intended to give Iraq one final opportunity to destroy their banned weapons peacefully.  We shall examine this resolution. (Iraq, USA)

Weapons of Mass Destruction: Iraq is currently being invaded by a self-proclaimed coalition of the willing, and Barbados has taken a firm stance against such coalitions invading a country without the sanction of the United Nations (UN).  We shall examine coalitions of the willing and weapons of mass destruction. (War, USA, Oppression)

The Pursuit of Happiness: No one can keep another person happy. Those who make such promises to their partners are intentionally or unintentionally deceiving themselves and their partners.  We shall examine the concept of happiness. (Married Life)

Politics in the Balance: Barbados has inherited an adversarial system of politics, which has resulted in a measure of accountability due to the tension of opposing ideas, and has served us well. However, this system lends itself to several inefficiencies which we will attempt to improve. (Politics)

The Middle Eastern Conflict (Suicide Bombers): There have been many attempts to explain the reasons for the September 11th 2001 terrorist attacks in the US and their relationship with the conflicts in the Middle East. Today we shall examine the reasons for the attack from another perspective through a process of inductive reasoning. (Islam, Christianity, Israel, USA)

The Kingdom of God: Who is Jesus? What does He want? Why is it important? (Christianity, Islam)

Voting in Barbados: Why this act should not be taken for granted. (Politics, Oppression)

The Dark Side of Professional Services: Professional services in the balance. (Business)

The Death of a Dream: The Barbados Government’s harsh Land Tax policy. (Politics, Construction)

Think Inside the Box: Work smart, not hard. Think outside the box. These are catchy and attractive phrases used by motivational speakers and management consultants to inspire persons to work efficiently and think creatively. However, such messages can have unintended consequences for some businesses if they adopted by inexperienced employees.  (Business)

The USA in the Balance: An examination of American (US) culture and sub-culture. (USA, Christianity)

Beyond the Boundary: An examination of the effectiveness of the spiral curriculum being taught in most schools since the 1960’s. (Education)

Primary School Curriculum: A suggested curriculum for primary school students. (Education)

Secondary School Curriculum: A suggested curriculum for secondary school students. (Education)

Solid Waste Solution: Nearly all of the solid waste stored in Barbados’ landfills is from imported items. For a country of Barbados’ limited land space, a sustainable solid waste solution must be found. (Solid Waste)

Dear University Students: Advice to those entering or returning to university. (University Life)

Secretaries in the Balance: As I conduct business at various public and private sector establishments, the secretary is frequently the first person with whom I communicate with. I have found that a pleasant and welcoming secretary is an excellent introduction to the company and to the person with whom I came to discuss business.  (Business)

Law and Order: Crime consultants often claim that crime is a complex issue requiring more funds to perpetuate further studies that reach similar conclusions and offer similar recommendations. The main difference between the various crime reports appears to be the updated crime statistics. Studying crime has now become a multi-million dollar industry. (Crime)

My Priorities: Twice last week while driving around a curve in the road, I had to brake suddenly to avoid a head on collision with a reckless driver who seemed to have lost control of his vehicle. These harrowing experiences have caused me to ponder the likely content of my final article if I had the benefit of knowing when that might be. (Life, Christianity)

Pursuing Excellence: Regrettably, we seem to be abandoning this universal formula that has served us so well. There seems to be less emphasis placed on increasing the quality of our products and services, and an over-reliance on unsustainable marketing and public relations strategies that promise a standard of excellence, but deliver a hollow experience. (Business)

Education in Crisis: This article is not written for the 25% to 30% of our students who are disciplined enough to study with limited encouragement, but rather for the remaining 70% to 75% of students who do not do well. (Education)

Changing National Legislation: Response to pressure to change national legislation. (HIV/AIDS, Homosexuality, Politics)

Avoiding Extremes: Very few people wish to be associated with persons or groups who have had their behaviour or beliefs labelled as extreme. Some popular terms that have been used to describe extreme behaviour or beliefs are: radical, far left, far right, liberal, fundamentalist, and extremist. Most people prefer to be associated with groups labelled as moderate, and for good reason. (Life, Politics, Christianity, Islam, USA)

An Agenda for the Ministry of Education:  Sometimes it is necessary to revise or completely abandon an agenda when new information makes agenda items or the entire agenda irrelevant. This takes courage since the leader risks ridicule. However, revisiting an agenda is obligatory if the agenda that was designed for the community’s benefit is later found to be incompatible with the community’s positive development. (Education)

 A Cry for Freedom: Oppressed persons around the world have a legitimate reason to cry for freedom. The cry may start quietly and can reach a state of civil disobedience or even civil war. In Barbados, there are no comparable oppressed persons and the main cries for freedom are heard in relationships. (Married Life)

Abortion for Convenience: History has shown that every generation had opportunities to address at least one terrible injustice that had inexplicably become established in their communities. The injustices included genocide, slavery, political, racial, and religious persecution, the rape of children, and the oppression of women. History has also shown that the apathetic majority can allow such injustices to continue for generations, awakening only if they believe that their personal security is threatened. (Abortion)

Education Technology: Edutech is a visionary concept. To recognize that the computer will be an integral communications facility for the next generation, and to effectively prepare and equip an entire Barbadian generation to interact in this way requires vision. The concept is therefore an excellent one and the former Minister of Education, Minister Mottley, should be commended. (Education)

Genetically Engineered Foods: Around 1980, the US Supreme Court ruled that micro-organisms could be patented. Thus began what can be described as a mad rush to tamper with the genes of various organisms in laboratories around the world, in the hope of constructing marketable life forms. (Genetically Engineered Foods)

Heartbroken at Christmas: What is often described as the cruel hand of fate, bad Karma, or unfortunate coincidence may actually be the consequences of persons who are engaged in adversarial relationships with God. (Christianity)

End of Year Tradition: Jesus encourages those who wish to follow Him to count the cost of doing so, since it can result in intense persecution, as those who live in countries hostile to Christianity have found. There are countless examples of persons who either relax their commitment to or reject their Christian heritage after being challenged with different ideas. (Christianity)

Genetically Engineered Foods – Part 2: There are some scientists who are so blinded by the novelty of new technology, and the lure of the opportunity to participate in scientific history, that they refuse to allow themselves to acknowledge the potential harmful aspects of the technology until it is literally too late. Engaging in scientific debate with such persons is therefore futile.(Genetically Engineered Foods)

Acts of God: The worst cases of starvation that have occurred over the past 150 years have resulted in over 30 million deaths, most of them in Russia, China, and Ireland. In each of these cases, the countries had food, but their governments exported it rather than fed their citizens. (Construction, Oppression)

Mysteries and Conclusions: Why and how can persons who understand and teach analytical methods, and severely criticise those who do not use them properly, reach a conclusion while choosing not to review the evidence? How can such persons choose to boldly criticise what they have neither read not understood? How can such persons choose to disbelieve what they simply do not know? (Islam, Christianity)

Professional Practice and Evolving Standards: Some professionals feel threatened when laypersons seek additional information about the service for which they are paying, and can be dismissive as they try to avoid answering pertinent questions that can reveal their unpreparedness. (Business and Professional Practice)

Perpetuating the Human Race: A supportive husband is an important component of the pregnancy process. His support is mainly emotional as his wife experiences times of anxiety and fear in response to changes to her body. A husbands’ reassurance of love towards his wife and unborn child, and his commitment to their marriage, can help to eliminate these fears. (Abortion)

What do Women Want: What then do women really want from their husbands? A plethora of books continue to be written on this subject, yet the answer still seems to elude both sexes, and has probably perplexed men for millennia. After many years of marriage, many men continue to report that they still do not know what their wives really want. (Married Life)

Thank you USA for caring – many do not!: An appreciation of the sacrifices the USA has made on other’s behalf. (War, USA Foreign Policy)

Commercial Pressures: History has shown that the world has not always been well served by scientific research that has been driven by commercial pressures. These pressures can tempt research scientists to compromise the integrity of their work in order to provide results that are favourable to the sources of the research funds. (Business and Professional Practice)

Governance Model for Developing Countries: The most frequent charges against such governments are mismanagement and corruption.  In this article we shall attempt to conceptually design a model of governance for developing countries that addresses both corruption and mismanagement. (Barbados · Pan-Africanism · Politics )

Is This Explicit Enough?: Following the collapse of the Mississippi bridge on 1st August 2007, I heard some politicians try to place the blame on Engineers.  They noted that the “structurally deficient” rating of the bridge by Engineers was not an explicit enough warning of the risk of its collapse.  I do not wish to be the subject of a similar claim in Barbados. (Barbados · Construction )

Why Complain in Barbados?: There are other countries where people are persecuted for dissention, and there is no legal recourse for harm to individuals and damage to property.  There are other countries where poverty is abject and legal economic opportunities are scarce; but not so in Barbados.  God has truly blessed this country.  So why do we complain? (Barbados · Politics )

Solving Problems: The problems in Barbados are well known, and so are the solutions. However, it is now common for Government departments that were established to address national problems, to follow proven failed policies, while criticizing initiatives that could actually solve these problems. It seems that our expectations are simply too high. (Barbados )

Statesmen ape Preferred over Politicians: An excellent article by Mr Lawrence Reed, president of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy.. (Barbados · Politics )

Protecting Barbados from a Culture of Corruption: Once Government officials agree to receive bribes, then those businesses that normally do business with government, must either participate in the practise of paying bribes, or they may not survive. (Barbados · Politics)

Securing My Vote:In order to make a decision on where to cast my vote, I had to ask myself whether there was anything that a political party could have done in order to secure it?  There were several things, and any one of them would have secured not only my vote, but my active support.  I present my principal four. (Barbados · Politics)

Manage what you Understand: I believe that it is about time in Barbados’ development that Ministers of Government have some working knowledge of the Ministries that they are given to manage.  If persons are asked to manage what they do not understand, then they risk causing severe damage if they change policy.  These managers therefore tend to simply do nothing and allow things to continue as they were – only intervening when things are clearly out of control. (Barbados · Politics)

Giving Professional Advice: The CHAPO poll was wrong because it was based on a critical assumption which was not verified before the advice was given.  Rather than seek to subsequently verify this assumption, especially with knowledge of the CADRES poll’s stated assumptions, the CHAPO pollsters spent the time defending their poll. (Barbados · Politics)

500 More Sub-standard Houses: The new DLP administration has promised, in their manifesto, to build 500 houses in 500 days.  Will they be as sub-standard as the ones built by the last administration?  I have inspected houses being built for the Government last week and can confirm that so far, nothing has changed. (Barbados · Construction )

The Construction Horror Show: The Government of Barbados has several roles.  One critical role is to regulate industries that are out of control.  The residential construction industry is out of control. (Barbados · Construction )

Advice for Home Owners: I have come to the unfortunate realization that we are doomed to experience the misery and economic setback that other Caribbean islands experienced after being examined by major hurricanes.  These countries only paid attention to building standards after their buildings were weighed in the balance and found wanting. (Barbados · Construction )

Can we achieve affordable housing in Barbados?: I would recommend that potential home owners adhere to the following procedure to realize an affordable house. (Barbados · Construction )



  1. sup guys
    I truely love the layout of researching.wordpress.com. Looks good, keep it up!
    Im a very “faithful” christian and I guess I have a few questions on my mind..
    I’ve been thinking a lot about dating.. but im not sure where to begin.
    My cousins have been telling me christian dating is the way to go.. so I’ve done a little research on born again christian singles.
    Would be great to listen to your input.

    Hi Christian:

    Thank you for the compliments.

    Let me recommend the “Romantic Love” Category of this web site.


  2. First off let me say that i really like your blog researching.wordpress.com a lot
    now.. back to business haha
    I cant say that i agree with what you typed up… care to explain deeper?

    Hi Christian:

    Please explain what you disagree with so that we can discuss it.


  3. I love this site as it gives everyone a fair chance to express their views on any and every subject pertaining to the happenings of our society and abroad. I need your help though, Mr. Philips regarding something which I am supposed to write for an SBA by next [week] actually and I need a source and I am thinking of using you. My topic is homosexuality and I read your blog entitled Changing National Legislation, this was almost two years ago but I would at least like to ask you a few questions. I hope you reply as soon as possible and as I said before its due next week, I thank for any help you can give me in advance as it would be greatly appreciated.

    Hi SJC17:

    Ask away.


  4. Well, I want to know what are you views now on that topic as opposed to 2 years ago when you wrote that article? What are your credentials? Did you do any research for the article and what was it if you can remember? Was the article based on facts or your opinion? I can’t think of any other important questions I need to ask so thank you for responding and thank you in advance for your continuos help.

    Thanks alot,


    Hi SJC17:

    My views remain the same. National legislation should not be changed quickly just because some people lobby for a change. There should be thoughtful study into the purpose of the existing legislation, and an investigation into the likely consequences of making the changes.

    My qualifications are stated on the first page, and all of the articles are thoroughly researched.


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