An introduction to this site

Dear Readers:

Thank you for stopping by. 

After conversing with people from various countries around the world, I have come to the conclusion that few people properly investigate an issue before forming an opinion. Public opinions therefore are not generally based on facts but persuasive debate, and opinions can change when persons are exposed to a more persuasive debater.  In this way, people become convinced not through facts but by persons who can skillfully manipulate language or by the charisma of popular personalities.

I am at perhaps the most productive time of my career, and I feel this longing to give humanity something invaluable.  I have and continue to dedicate most of my working life to solving problems through observation, analysis, research and design in the field of Engineering.  Researching an issue is time consuming, and it may be challenging for every person to research the issues given the increasing demands on our time.  My gift therefore is to present researched information to you.

I have entitled this column “Weighed in the Balance” because I propose to identify interesting issues, research them, and present my findings. It is intended to be a public service to the people of Barbados and beyond.  I highly value your time and will try to convey my ideas concisely.

You can access all articles by clicking on A Description of All Articles .  They are also grouped into Categories.

I welcome your comments. 


Grenville Phillips II


6 responses to “An introduction to this site

  1. Must commend your effort, I am liking what I see so far.

  2. Thank you.

    I will continue to try to do my best.


  3. Just happened upon your site. I found it quite awesome in that I did not know/believe that educated Bajans cared about persons other than themselves. Thanks for changing my mind.

  4. Hi Syl:

    As you may be aware, Bajans are generally opinionated regardless of their formal educational achievements.

    Those who have attained tertiary level education normally earn higher salaries which typically translate to larger mortgage liabilities. I believe that they do care about issues that affect others. However, the perception that they could be victimized to the point of financial ruin, has led them to be very careful and fearful about what they say in a forum where their words can be published.


  5. This page was serious reading. Maybe you could find it useful.

  6. Just passing by.Btw, you website have great content!

    Hi Mike:

    Thank you.


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