The Will of the People.

The Will of the People.

Our Prime Minister is confidently predicting the results of the promised referendum on whether we, the people of Barbados, want a republican form of Government. There is nothing wrong with our Prime Minister expressing such confidence. She enjoys a 30-0 majority in the House of Assembly, and believes that she understands the will of the people.

Some activists are advocating that our Prime Minister should avoid getting the peoples’ consent, on such a fundamental change to our system of Government. That is highly irresponsible, and the absolute worst possible advice.

We all live on this island. If we are to become a Republic, then we should vote on the matter, and agree that the majority vote will carry. Before the vote, all sides should be given the opportunity to defend their side before the public.

Activists normally hate such democratic methods. Their arguments are normally too weak to stand up to any serious scrutiny. So, they may intimidate compromised politicians to do their biddings.

Unfortunately for them, our Prime Minister is not compromised. She has demonstrated that she serves the people, and will do things the right way. So, carry on Prime Minister, and let the discussions on the public benefits of republicanism begin.

After we make our voting choices, then we must accept the result, and do our best to promote the new Barbados. There should be no need to revisit previous discussions on this matter, since we had a fair opportunity to do so before we voted. So, all hands on deck.

If the peoples’ right to vote on their future is denied them, and we are forced into becoming a Republic, then it will likely be temporary. Another administration can justifiably undo what was done in a dictatorial manner, so that the will of the people may be properly done.

Grenville Phillips II is a Chartered Structural Engineer and President of Solutions Barbados. He can be reached at

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